Application Process

Step 1 Apply

Attend an Information Meeting

At this meeting, you will hear information about our program. Screening questionnaires and a list of documents that you need to gather will be distributed at the meeting. A HFHCC representative will be available to answer general application questions.

Step 2 Apply

Submit your HFHCC Screening Questionnaire

  • Be a first-time home buyer;
  • Be a citizen or permanent legal resident of the U.S
  • Be a resident of the City of Corpus Christi for the previous 6 months
  • Meet income guidelines- based on area median income
  • Meet credit guidelines – payment is considered but not score
  • Be willing to participate in the “Sweaty-Equity” program

Set up a meeting with the Family Services Manager to submit your completed HFHCC Screening Questionnaire to the HFHCC office located at 5541 Bear Lane, Ste 236, along with all the required documents. Your personal document and questionnaire will be reviewed to determine if you meet the initial program guidelines and may proceed to the application process.

Step 1 Apply

Complete application and set up an application intake meeting

Gather the required documents on the list provided to you with the application. Set up an intake meeting with the Family Services Manager to be held within two weeks of receiving the application form. Your credit report fee ($25 individual or $35 joint) must be submitted at this meeting. HFHCC has 30 days from receipt of your application to respond to your application.

Step 1 Apply

HFH CC Staff Review Application

A staff member will review your application, pull a tri-merge credit report. If you meet the qualifications, your application will continue through the application process.

Step 1 Apply

Application components Are Finalized

Any outstanding documentation will be collected by a staff member. A sexual offender criminal background check will be conducted. At the appropriate time, the application will be distributed to the family Selection Committee.

Step 1 Apply

Family Selection Committee Home Visit

A member of the Family Selection Committee will contact you to set up a time to visit and conduct an interview of you and your family at your current residence. After the interview a determination will be made about your application by the Habitat Board of Directors.

Step 1 Apply

If Approved…

You will start your Habitat partnership – attend an orientation and other Homeowner classes and begin working on your 300-500 sweat equity hours!

Call for 2016 HUD Income Limits

Income Limits

2016 HUD Income Limits
Corpus Christi Median Income $57,900 Effective 6/1/2016
One Person Two Persons Three Persons Four Persons Five Persons Six Persons Seven Persons Eight Persons
Maximum $12,250 $14,000 $15,750 $17,450 $18,500 $20,250 $21,650 $23,050
Maximum $24,420 $27,900 $31,380 $34,860 $37,680 $40,440 $43,260 $46,020