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Rosalinda Lopez was accepted into Habitat for Humanity Corpus Christi homeownership program approximately eight months ago.  The goal is to get her moved into her new home just in time for Christmas.  When asked about how she felt about the impending move, Ms. Lopez responded, “Everything is just falling into place!” 

Ms. Lopez shared that for the first 17 years of her career, she worked in a factory.  After being laid off, she decided to go back to school, eventually graduating.  Shortly after graduating, Ms. Lopez began volunteering at Community Action House, which led to her future employment there.  She started off as a receptionist and worked up to being a case worker where she assisted individuals who needed assistance with food, rent, and utilities.  Ms. Lopez has since retired but remains dedicated to serving our community.  She now volunteers driving people to and from medical appointments and the grocery store.

When asked about how it felt to get the acceptance call for the Homeownership Program from the board, Ms. Lopez replied, “It was a bit scary at first. I only had $200-300 saved up at the time and I was told that I needed to have about $3,000 at the time of closing.  I decided to do what I do with everything; leave it up to God.”  Not long after getting that call, Ms. Lopez came into $400 she had forgotten about.  “It was all God’s work at hand,” she stated.

Ms. Lopez shared, “I’ve learned new skills like weed eating, how to use a nail gun, and I have gotten bit by ants.  It has been fun though; I have really enjoyed it!  It has been nice being involved in building my own home. I’m going to move in; then just ask Jesus what’s next, maybe even write a book.”

To continue helping people like Ms. Lopez achieve the dream of affordable homeownership, Habitat for Humanity Corpus Christi relies on grants, volunteers, and monetary donations from people like you. Absolutely everything helps and all proceeds go towards program support efforts. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us at 361-289-1740 ext. 1100 or by email at  You can also give through November 10th on our Coastal Bend Day of Giving page at

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